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Scale your fleet with vehicles modified to suit your business needs, without the costly outlay of ownership or the penalties of contract hire.

Why Flexibuy Pro

Our flexible vehicle hire offering allows you to return your fleet vehicles , reducing the risks associated with signing long-leasing contracts. Vehicles

We know that business demands can change week by week. Flexibuy vehicle Rental makes it possible to tailor your fleet to match your schedule. with the option to buy

Our specialist team understands the challenges that come with keeping our national infrastructure up and running, which is why we continue to offer only the most flexible hire solutions to our customers.

FlexiBuy Pro is designed for companies with 4+ van fleet size

Whats Included

Road Tax 

3000 miles per mth Mileage Upgrades available

24/7 roadside assistance

Once Approved Add vehicles to your fleet at any time

Can be returned at any time, with

no cancellation fees

Accident Vehicle Replacement

Fitted with the latest Tracking System - Telematics

Dedicated fleet manager - for fast personal service

Van Rental Terms

Choose Rental Term

FlexiBuy Pro is a flexible

3mths - 6mths - 1 yr  - 2yrs  - 3 yrs - 4yrs

Option to buy

Speak to a fleet solutions expert



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